Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Store

  • + Can I buy Gift Vouchers online?

  • We are working to implement online sales of Gift Vouchers. Once this eventuates, we will provide further information. Subscribe to our weekly email to stay informed.
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  • + Buying Tickets online?

  • We are working to bring online ticketing to Hervey Bay.  Once tickets are available to be purchased online, we will provide further information. Subscribe to our weekly email to stay informed.
  • + Lost or stolen tickets?

  • Lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced or refunded without good reason. Tickets purchased online will not be refunded unless we are compelled by law. 
  • + Ticket Prices

  • Ticket pricing is subjective to many factors. Our Prices page lists our most common current and basic price list. Special events and promotions can often fall outside our regular pricing structure. If pricing is different to standard, we will advertise these films or events accordingly.
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Vouchers and Passes

  • + Redeeming Vouchers purchased from Bigscreen Cinemas

  • Coming Soon
  • + Redeeming Vouchers Purchased elsewhere

  • If it was not issued by Bigscreen cinemas Hervey Bay, it is highly unlikely that we will accept any voucher apart from distributor issued passes for specific films. Make sure you check the terms and conditions on your pass and present it to our box office staff form confirmation. Until we see it we can’t guarantee it.
  • + Redeeming vouchers online

  • At this stage vouchers will not be redeemable online. If this changes we will provide further information. Subscribe to our weekly email to stay informed.
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  • + Cinema Hire

  • Cinema Hire opportunities exist for all kinds of events and functions. There are many variables to be considered so such things are handled on a case by case basis. Please contact the cinema directly or email
  • + Employment opportunities

  • We’re a little old fashioned.

    If you are a local and excited to work with Bigscreen cinemas, the best advice is to dress nice and bring your resume in to us in person.

    If you are from out of town, with relevant cinema experience please send a cover letter and resume to or to our mailing address. PO BOX (fill this in)

  • + Group Bookings

  • Are you planning a party?
  • + Small children

  • Booster seats are available from the Box Office or the Candy Bar.
  • + Film Ratings

  • + Disability Access

  • All Cinemas have limited Disabled Access. 
  • + Location

  • We are located at 128 Boat Harbour Drive Pialba. Further contact information can be found on our about us page.
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  • + How can I pay at BIGSCREEN?

  • Of course we accept cash and ALL TERMINALS have EFTPOS available. 
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Weekly session times

  • + Why can’t I see next weeks times yet?

  • New session times for the coming cinema week (Thursday-Wednesday) are typically finalised before 2pm on the preceding Tuesday. In addition to our website, you can have session times and movie information emailed weekly by subscribing.
  • + Can I have the movie info and session sent to me every week?

  • Yes, by subscribing to our weekly email update.
  • + What do I get if I subscribe and how much does it cost?

  • Our subscription is not a membership, it is free. You will receive emails once a week that will include the session times for the coming week. You may also receive the occasional email advising of events and promotions. 
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